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Guide to the Camino Francés Paperback

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The Guide to the Camino Francés Second Edition is the ideal item for pilgrims walking the Camino De Santiago.

Aside from providing a convenient day by day itinerary of the Camino journey, the Guide to the Camino Francés also includes;

- Everything you need to know about planning for the Camino.
- Details of accommodation options in each town and city along the way.
- Daily overview to help you plan your route.
- Colour contour maps of each stage.
- Map icons with points of interest.
- 50 full colour photographs of the Camino journey.
- A great list of individual travel tips, and
- Spare pages at the end of stage, so you can enter your own diary notes.

The Guide to the Camino Francés is designed for both the seasoned hiker or those just starting out. This 168 page Guidebook has been designed to fit conveniently in your pack. A 'must have' for the Camino De Santiago.

Click here to download a sample of the Guide to the Camino Francés.


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