The Camino

You can elect to have your baggage shipped ahead to your next accomodation by numerous transport companies along the Camino and you can get all the details from your travel agent or at your hotel on arrival. Alternatively if you're like me, you can elect to carry all your gear with you. In which case, it's important to never pack more equipment then you need. A general rule is your pack shouldn't weigh more than approximately 10% total body weight.


Your clothing selection will vary depending on the season you intend to travel.

Jumper (Fleece preferred)
Walking Shoes/Boots - Remember they should be well worn-in
Open Sandals or Thongs - To air your feet in the evenings
Spray Jacket
Rain Poncho - Poncho/Tarp Style
Rain Pants
T-Shirts x2
Quick Dry Shirts x2
Quick Dry Trousers x3 - Zip-off Style
Socks x4 - Hiking or Anti-blister Style
Underpants x4
Bra 2 - If applicable
Scarf or Buff

Miscellaneous Items

These items are a guide only, and you might want to vary the contents list to suit your own needs. It's a good idea to pack your smaller items in to various ziplock bags, that way your not wasting space and can easily see the contents of your pack.

Backpack - Try and find a pack that is lightweight (under 1.5kg)
Backpack Raincover
Sleeping Bag - Rating dependant on the time of travel
Walking Poles x2
Guidebook and/or Maps
Bed Roll or Self Inflating Matress
Small Torch
Quick Dry Travel Towel
Water Bottle 1L - Ideally, try and find collapsable style water bottles, or
Camelbak Hydration System (3L)
Piece of 3mm cord 4-6m long
Multitool or Pocket Knife
Safety Pins
Money Belt and/or PacSafe Ankle Wallet
Multiple Size Ziplock Bags
Small Carabiners - To extra items to your pack
Photocopies of your Passport
Travel Insurance Documents
Travel Documents

First Aid Kit

Aside from your prescription medical (if you take any), we can suggest a few essential items you should include in your First Aid Kit.

Blister Pads
Space Blanket
Small Pad
Betadine Swaps
Gastro Stop
Panadol or Ipruphen
Tiger Balm


Again, it's a good idea to leave the toiletery bag at home and pack all you need into a strong ziplock bag, saving you space.

Roller Deodorant
Shaving Oil, Pads or Shaving Stick
Sanitary Pads
Roll of Toilet Paper - Cut out cardboard centre and squash into ziplock bag

Optional Extras

You might also consider taking these additional items, if you're prepared to carry the extra weight.

Bug Bag or Small Shoulder Bag
Alarm Clock
iPhone or mobile phone
Portable Cooker
Cup or Mug